EYE3 GROUP is a company that launches, manages and develops international, innovative and intellectual ventures.

EYE3 GROUP was founded in 2010 in Hong Kong, by Florian Bansac, a multilingual ESCP Europe alumni with an extensive international experience, and leverages the inputs of various high-profile individuals, teams and companies through various collaborations.



EYE3 GROUP is especially focused on the development of business ventures in the following fields:

Geography: Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, ASEAN, France, UK, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, China, US and large cities.

Sectors: Digital Business, Design, Tech, Luxury, Finance, International Trade and Education.



EYE3 GROUP’s extensive network includes high-profile professionals from various backgrounds.

Sectors: Internet, IT, Media, Education, Finance, FMCG, Tourism & Hospitality

Professional domains: Management, Marketing, IT, Finance, Creative

External experts’ advices combined with international presence help EYE3 GROUP in considering a vast scope of projects and understanding their potential better.



Upon this foundation, EYE3 GROUP strives to bring new ideas and develop knowledge-based ventures.

Throughout EYE3 GROUP’s various activities, an eye is always focused on developing knowledge, intelligence, social welfare, education and environmental consciousness.

EYE3 GROUP emphasizes responsible business conducts to perpetuate and develop awareness for human development in modern business and economics.